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Manufacturing prototype model-Every link is careful

by:Tuowei     2019-09-13
2019-07- 23 17: 56

It is a very complicated process to want to make a prototype model! Every link is very important! Prototype models are often active in everyone's life! Because most enterprises need to make prototype models!

There are several processing methods for manufacturing prototype models, but the more common is CNC machining! The prototype accuracy of CNC machining is very high! So the more commonly used is CNC machining! So How complicated is it to make a prototype model? Find the supplier cooperation from the customer, place the order and send the drawings, and then the supplier must first check whether the contents of the drawings are qualified, and there is no rotten noodles! After that, programming and programming often take a day to compile the program into the computer that controls CNC!

then it is the prototype of the CNC gongs prototype! Then send it to the manual treatment room and then the surface treatment! Then it is assembled, and then the products that pass the test are packaged! It's just a time to make a prototype model! What if you find a problem halfway? Of course is to post-processing room re-processing! Until it is qualified!

so it's not as simple as people say to make a prototype model! Make a prototype model must find a regular manufacturer! If you are looking for some small manufacturers, the small manufacturers can't guarantee the delivery period in the delivery period! If you need it, you can find the extension model! Contact online customer service on the right!

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