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Marines 3D-print concrete barracks in just 40 hours

by:Tuowei     2019-09-08
Marines print 500 using a dedicated 3D concrete printersquare-
It takes only 40 hours to reach the barracks.
Innovative projects create the world\'s first continuous 3D-
The printed concrete barracks, according to the Marine Corps.
The barracks was built in the United States earlier this month. S.
Army engineer R & D center in southern United States Champaign.
The Army and Navy were also involved in the construction.
Google has launched a new search tool to help veterans get the civilian work of the world\'s largest concrete printer, the additive manufacturing team of the Marine Corps System Command and the Marine Corps of my Marine Corps Expeditionary Force
\"This work has never been done before,\" Capt said . \".
Additive manufacturing project officer for MCSC operations and projects Matthew Fridell/G-
In a statement
\"People have printed buildings and large buildings, but they haven\'t done it on site at one time.
This is the first one. in-the-
World, continuous concrete printing on site.
\"Use computer-aided design software on 10-10year-
The old computer, the concrete was pushed to the print head and layered repeatedly to build the wall of the barracks.
The work took 40 hours because the Marines were carefully monitoring the project and constantly filling the printer with concrete, Fridel said.
However, he added that if mixed and pumped using robots, the building could be built within 24 hours.
The Air Force \"innovation center\" hopes to help technology companies start up normally. it will take five days to build a barracks cabin with wood, totaling 10 Mar days.
In this context, construction technology can help keep the U. S.
Security of Military Personnel
\"In an active or simulated combat environment, we don\'t want the Marines to wave a hammer outside and lift the plywood,\" Fridell said . \".
\"Having a concrete printer that can build buildings on demand is a huge advantage for Marines to operate within range.
\"The Veterans Administration has re-registered IBM\'s Watson to fight cancer and will now have more tests at the new Marine Corps barracks --
Construction technology.
The construction industry is eager to harness the power of 3D technologyprinting.
For example, last year, experts from the University of Technology in Eindhoven, Netherlands produced the world\'s first 3D-
Printing reinforcement, pre-
Concrete bridge.
Bicycle Bridge is part of a new road around Gemert village in southern Holland.
A big advantage of 3D-
According to experts at Eindhoven University of Technology, printing concrete requires much less concrete than traditional techniques for filling molds with concrete.
\"The printer only stores concrete where needed, which reduces the use of cement,\" they said in a statement . \".
\"Because the carbon footprint of cement production is very high, this reduces carbon dioxide emissions. ”In 2015, 3D-
Printing is used to build a five-
Story apartments and 11,840 square feet villas in Suzhou, China.
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