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market place; behind the jitters at 3-d systems

by:Tuowei     2019-08-13
1989 this is a digital version of an article from The Times Print Archive, before it starts online in 1996.
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Most tech stocks are not popular on Wall Street, but 3-
The D system has been a huge exception in the last few months.
Then, this week, the biggest shareholder of the company said it would sell, 3-
D\'s share price plummeted. 3-
Shares of the D-system rose to $16.
From $5 per share in November to $50 at the end of July.
But on Monday alone, it fell $5, eventually to $11. 875 in over-ther-Trade at the counter.
Stocks fell by 12 yesterday. 5 cents to 11 dollars75.
Why does wealth change?
When some investors were apparently scared, the Swiss auto-
Geigy giant Swiss pharmaceutical and chemical multinational corporation has announced that it wants to sell its 55% stake, in addition to the month-D.
Also known as 3-
D, based in Vancouver, BC with a 3-70% stakeD Systems. 3-
D. make three machines.
The size of an object using a computer, plastic model or prototype
An auxiliary design and UV laser called stereo forming.
The company has developed a following on Wall Street. Ciba-
Geigy officials say the company wants to sell its 3-
As part of a strategy to re-focus its chemical and pharmaceutical core business.
It\'s stripping most of its electronic business, including the spectrum.
Physics, a subsidiary holding 3-
D shares, and denies the move reflects its 3-D\'s potential.
\"We\'re three-
Rico Brauchbar, president of Ciba Electronics Systems Group, said.
\"We have no economic reason to peel off the spectrum or 3-D.
Advertising compared to 3-
D process, machine
It usually takes a few weeks to complete the prototype.
Companies like General Motors, when designing cars, produce thousands of models every year.
AdvertisementThe light curing machine for sale for about $200,000 per person per month-
D. It advertises itself as the front line
A runner who can be billions of people.
The dollar industrial company says it has sold about 130 vehicles. 3-
D\'s profit and loss statement began to show potential in the early days.
The company has been operating for only three years, with sales revenue of $5 and net income of $342,633.
The quarter of September was 5 million.
But the company and Harold C. Moll. Mr.
Moll offers $5 million in venture capital for 3-3D in 1986;
He was bought off by Ciba.
Two years later, Geigy spent about $30 million. Mr.
More was not accused of any misconduct, but analysts said he exaggerated the company\'s potential.
Thomas Sur, an analyst at Gruntal & Company, said: \"There is no doubt about this . \". 3-
D. officials said
Moll is history and has no say or position in the company.
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\"As far as I\'m concerned, you can say anything you want to say to Harry,\" said Raymond S . \".
3-President and Chief Executive FreedD.
\"He has nothing to do with the company. \'\'Of 3-D\'s 12.
6 million shares, about 40% shares held by the public, which means that a considerable number of stock transactions can make the stock move significantly.
This little float can be bigger, if it\'s a bit of a dick
Geigy\'s interest was eventually offered to the public.
With Ciba from 3-
Figure D, short-
Sellers may do more business on stocks.
Before the company announced its earnings for the quarter of September, the technology began
The rise was the most popular short, with nearly 101,000 shares short in September. Mr.
Freed said if Ciba-
Geigy did not find a buyer interested in the parent company and he may seek to acquire the shares.
The challenge for management now is to convince the public
D has great potential and the stereo printing industry will not be a joke on Wall Street next year.
Many analysts were persuaded and praised 3-D.
From the roster of some 3 people
D institutional holders, including S. G.
With a $15 million investment in Fort Worth, Midland Bank has considerable interest, and they have convinced some big buyers.
A version of this article was printed on page 8 of the National edition DTMF on December 13, 1989, with the title: market;
Behind the 3-point tensionD Systems.
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