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Market research on prototype model making

by:Tuowei     2019-09-13
2017-09- 06 10: 20

through the market survey of the prototype model, different research solutions can be customized for different customer needs in the prototype model industry. Our researchers are familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of various access methods and the scope of application, and can flexibly select and combine various research methods in project design. In addition, in the long-term practical exploration, we have also summed up various models suitable for the special research of the prototype model industry, which help customers integrate a wide range of information and evaluate them, judge the development opportunities of the prototype model industry and plan future marketing activities. The common method of prototype model market survey is the exhibition, which shows potential customers the display board of the plane, or the 3D animation demonstration, and so on. The original model will not be more attractive, the simulation model can visually show the information of the shape, color, size, structure and function of the product.

The production of the prototype model is a convenient and fast initial performance of the product, and different schemes in the initial stage can be modeled, market research can be conducted through exhibitions or in the form of actual verification by customers, or small batch rollover models can be used to send product models to different regions for investigation, get more market-differentiated survey data. Prototype Model technology can predict the actual psychological effect and use effect of product consumers before mass production.

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