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massive teen gets size 28 sneakers made by 3d printer

by:Tuowei     2019-09-07
The center of Michigan, Michigan. —A 19-year-
The old man in Michigan, who was the world\'s tallest teenager in the Guinness world record, finally found a pair of shoes of his own size --
28 feet, thanks to the 3D printer. Broc Brown —
Who is 7 feet 8 inch tall-
According to the Jackson Citizen Patriot, Sotos syndrome is also known as giant brain disease, affecting one in every 15,000 people.
Brown\'s aunt, Stacy Snyder, said that Sotos, in addition to abnormal body size, can cause Brown to suffer from chronic back and knee pain as well as other diseases.
No one is sure when he will stop growing, Snyder said.
\"I can take a walk in the store and go out with five pairs of shoes if I want,\" she said . \". “He can’t. ”California-
The company based in Fitz came forward to help.
Shoe companies use an app to convert photos of someone\'s feet into 3D models and can create custom 3D models with measurements
Fitted shoes made with 3D printers.
Feltz CEO Lucy Beard gave Brown a pair of black and red shoes at his home in central Michigan last week.
These shoes are the color of Brown\'s favorite basketball team, the Chicago Bulls.
\"Wow,\" said Brown.
\"Hell, I don\'t like them. I love them. Thank you.
Beard says this is the first time the company has.
\"We \'ve never had such a big shoe before, but we\'re just excited to get some comfortable shoes,\" said Beard . \".
\"We are really honored to do that.
Compared to typical custom shoes, the price of the Fitts shoes is between $99 and $250, says Beard.
Fit shoes for at least $400 to $500.
Until he reached the age of 18 in 2015, he was no longer eligible and was considered the highest teenager in the world.
Brown, wearing his new shoes, thinks he can return to the Guinness Book of World Records.
\"This is definitely the biggest 3D in the world.
\"He said.
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