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Nevada cashed Belgium
Developers of CENAT-based embedded computing software and additive manufacturing control system solutions.
Realize pre-cash payment for the acquisition of CENAT and will be required to earn a certain amount of income
Pay if certain conditions are met.
This transaction will enable it to implement the addition of new quality control software solutions on an open platform for additive manufacturing that already includes all the tools from file preparation to complete automation and control systemsThehigh-
Performance Embedded software and processing capabilities of cenat\'sam machine control systems developed in collaboration with Materialise will support the extremely demanding quality control systems and processes required to ensure the correct production of printing plants
Parts in aerospace, medical and other industries.
Vancraen, founder and CEO of the implementation, commented: \"We are proud to welcome the emergence of the CENAT team.
In response to the growing demand for quality control at the manufacturing end, we started working with CENAT
Use parts, whether in our own AM facility or in our client\'s facility.
The asthessystem being developed is a complement to a wide range of solutions in our 3D printing open software platform, deciding to introduce the CENAT system-
As part of our broad range of industrial-assisted manufacturing software solutions, we will be open to markets and homes.
\"CENAT is very enthusiastic about joining the materials group,\" said Stijn Schacht, founder and CEO of CENAT . \".
\"We work closely with the R & D team at Materialise to develop AM machine control systems and look forward to advancing this work from within Materialise.
In addition, by working with well-known players in the AM industry, we are very excited to increase the coverage of a technology that meets the growing demand for greater control over quality and repeatability.
\"For 25 years, Materialise has focused on operating innovative applications in an open ecosystem, driving 3d printing forward.
Market of the company
Leading software provides a neutral platform to connect all 3D printing applications with any 3D printer in the industry, and on 2014, materialise announced multiple partnerships with 3d printer manufacturers, to create a build processor that connects software more directly to the machine.
This latest acquisition will further improve the data transfer between machines and users, make printing more likely to succeed, and allow users to make more complex and high-quality parts.
With regard to its material company based in Leuven, Belgium, and its branches around the world, Materialise is an additive manufacturer (AM)
Software resolution and complex 3D printing services in various industries including healthcare, automotive, aerospace, art design and consumer goods.
Since 1990, Materialise has been playing an active role in the AM field by participating in the industrial and medical applications of AM, by providing biomedical and clinical solutions such as medical image processing and surgical simulation, and develop unique solutions for customer prototyping and medical needs.
About CENAT in Ghent, Belgium, CENAT is part of the T & M solutions Group, aGroup focuses on creating customizationmade multi-
Discipline solutions for testing, measuring, inspecting, assembling and controlling products in almost all areas of manufacturing.
These solutions help protect customers\' reputation by helping customers improve product quality and optimize production processes.
Composed of four specialists specialized in control systems and corresponding embedded software development, CENATteam has recently focused on applying the expertise of T & M Solutions to additional manufacturing industries.
For more information, please visit www. materialise.
Com or call212/838-3777.
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