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mattel unveils a 3d printer you can actually afford

by:Tuowei     2019-09-08
We believe you have heard about 3D printing and its opportunities for development in industries such as engineering and health.
But one problem with this emerging technology field is that, although 3D printers have been around for several years, it is still very expensive to buy and use 3D printers, making it impossible for most people to use them.
American toy company Mattel is trying to change that with its ThingMaker 3D printer.
Mattel announced on Monday that it will launch Google Cardboard-based low-
The virtual reality headset cost announced the launch of the ThingMaker 3D printer.
The difference between Mattel\'s 3D printer and other printers is that the price is reasonable.
The price of this manufacturer is $299. 99 (roughly Rs. 20,500)
This is understandable for a wider audience. The US-
The US-based company says it has returned
I imagine a manufacturer of things for young designers and students.
Mattel said it will allow \"families to become toy manufacturers\" to take advantage of the \"toy factory keys\" that come with the ThingMarker 3D printer \".
\"The ThingMaker 3D printing ecosystem, coupled with a little imagination, is that all families need to design, create and print their own toys from start to finish,\" the company said in a news statement . \".
The ThingMaker 3D printer comes with the ThingMaker Design App that anyone can create graphics like robots, dinosaurs, wearable accessories such as bracelets and other gadgets.
The app gives users the option to browse through the rich collection of templates or help them create their own.
Once the user has finished the design, they can send it to the ThingMaker 3D printer to create it.
\"In today\'s digital age, families are more important than ever to go beyond the digital world and realize their ideas,\" said Aslan apelman, senior director of Mattel . \".
\"ThingMaker breaks the boundaries of imaginary games and gives families countless ways to customize toys and make their creativity crazy.
We are pleased to work with 3D design experts at Autodesk to bring this-of-a-
A wonderful experience of life.
\"The ThingMaker 3D printer will be sold in the US for $299. 99.
Interested users can pre-
Order the device immediately on Amazon. com.
You can also purchase various filament color options and other design content later.
Currently, you can also use the ThingMaker Design app on Android and iOS, which can also be used with other printers.
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