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media misfiring on 3d-gun concerns

by:Tuowei     2019-09-08
Hey, time traveler!
This article is published at 7/8/2018 (300 days ago)
Therefore, the information in it may no longer be up to date.
Those waiting to get the 3D-
Printable Gun schematic is disappointing: 8 years in the USS.
The states and the District of Colombia filed a joint lawsuit with the federal court, approving a National temporary restriction order to prevent non-
Profits are called distribution of defense.
Distribution of 3D blueprints-
Printable guns are classified as illegal ammunition exports, but the United States MayS.
The US State Department has announced a plan to amend the international arms transport regulation system to transfer the regulation of certain technical data to the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Commerce.
In response, 21 state attorneys general wrote to the attorney general, Jeff Sessions, and Secretary of State Mike Pompeii, saying the decision was \"very dangerous and could have an unprecedented impact on public safety.
\"No matter what, there is little change.
More than five years ago, Defense Distributed founder Cody Wilson first published a blueprint for a printable gun called Liberator.
The documents were deleted after the government requested them, but a basic feature of the Internet is that information will never disappear.
Search engine queries can still display copies of Wilson\'s design files on Internet archives and web piracy sites.
The whole event reflects the legend of cryptography, which is also a time in American history. S. Munitions List.
Encryption software cannot be legally exported or distributed by 1996.
But software is just a string of words.
The export control of cryptography has become a joke. cryptography at T-
They showed resistance in their shirts.
Guns do a lot more damage than encryption, but that doesn\'t mean we\'re going to have a dangerous new era.
Comfortable automatic weapon from home.
We didn\'t see a rise in the number of crimes committed using 3D for a reason.
Since the Liberator\'s plan was made public five years ago, printing guns has actually been less convenient.
The legal distribution of the plan will make it easier for amateur Gunners to get, but will not change 3D-
Turn a printed gun into a terrible weapon.
Depending on the 3D printer, the part takes most of the day to complete.
This assumes that the operator can even access the precision printer. Entry-
Horizontal machines cannot form parts with the tolerance and temperature control required to produce reliable guns.
Even if made using today\'s best 3D printer, the gun is still not very good.
Any material that can be powered through the printer will have difficulty in bearing the pressure and temperature required to advance the bullet at a speed of thousands of feet per second. (
Instructions attached to the Liberator suggest dropping barrels after each use. )3D-
Printing Guns is a smart idea, but not a very practical one.
The real purpose of the Wilson blueprint is to dramatize the useless aspects of gun control, like encrypting T-
Shirts are used against people who want to ban encryption.
Every outrageous article about anyone who can print lethal weapons in the future is just to verify his point of view and add hype about printable guns.
Wilson\'s Twitter account proudly forwards every horrible title
It is impossible for his organization to buy better advertising if they wish.
These titles are too exaggerated.
Yes, Americans who are firm enough can print plastic guns.
But it is unreliable and will most likely explode on fire. (
If you absolutely have to continue, consider taking a safety course while waiting for the gun piece to print. )
Even if the Supreme Court overturned the temporary ban, 3D-
Printable guns are unlikely to pop soon.
If fear helps
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Previously, she was a lecturer in the Department of Electrical and Information Engineering at the University of Sydney. —
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