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Medical device prototype-Reduce your mold opening costs

by:Tuowei     2019-09-20
2019-02- 23 08:22

general medical products have high requirements for quality and tolerance, so that opening the mold will not only cost a lot if it is not produced in large quantities, and it's not cost-effective. Relatively speaking, prototype production is much more cost-effective than mold opening, and it is not very expensive to make one or several prototype models for newly developed products, and the prototype of medical equipment is generally used for sales, and the profit is very high, so basically few customers will choose to open the mold.

extension model is more experienced in the medical equipment prototype industry. now, engaged in prototype production for 7 years, has been serving thousands of customers, this is a set of medical prototypes for customers, the main material of this medical device prototype is aluminum alloy (The translucent PC board is used on both sides) After programming, the engineer is CNC processed, and then manually polished by the manual master before going to the fuel injection department to spray the surface and then silk screen. Without a strong backing, it is difficult to complete the prototype processing of such a large medical device.

The manufacturer of the extension prototype model was established in 2002, focusing on prototype production in 17 years, the company covers an area of 5000 ㎡ and has 55 high-precision prototype production equipment with an accuracy of 0. 01mm, 3-5 days shipping. Provide customers with CNC machining, vacuum re-molding, 3d printing and other services. If you are looking for a powerful prototype factory for medical equipment, look at the extension model.

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