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Medical prototype factory, processing accuracy 0. 01mm fast delivery

by:Tuowei     2019-09-20
2018-08- 17 16: 40

excited that I received the drawings sent by Mr. Wang at work today. This time, I want to customize the medical prototype, due to the strict accuracy requirements, CNC machining is adopted. Since it is the first cooperation, it is ready to do 3 sets first, and then carry out batch processing of mold opening after confirmation.

extension model has considerable advantages in making medical prototypes, with matching resources, process Update, new material use and other aspects are more advantageous than other prototype model processing plants. 17 years of prototype processing experience, imported five-axis machining, the accuracy can reach 0. 01mm; More than 100 operators can be in 3 ~ 5 days shipping. In addition, all customers who come to consult the medical prototype will actively sign a confidential agreement with the customer to strictly protect the privacy of the customer.

by doing a medical prototype, you can let your products enter the market as soon as possible to seize the business opportunity! Promoting enterprise product innovation, shortening the development cycle of new products, and improving the competitive power of products has a positive role. If you need to make a medical prototype, you can choose the extension model, high processing accuracy, fast delivery and strict protection of your privacy.

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