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Medical prototype factory-Prevent leakage of product drawings

by:Tuowei     2019-09-20
2019-01- 28 08: 22

when a general enterprise develops a medical product, after the product drawing design is completed, I will find a medical prototype factory to make a prototype according to the product drawings to see the effect, mainly to check whether the appearance, structure and size of the product are feasible.

since it is a newly developed product of the enterprise, many customers are more concerned about the confidential problem of the manufacturer, afraid that the product drawings will be leaked out during the prototype process, many customers will find a confidential and strict medical prototype factory to cooperate.

It is understood that at present, most of the confidential measures of medical prototype factories have no other protection measures only if they sign a confidential agreement, however, there is another way to choose the extension model, that is, confidential software. All computers of the company are equipped with confidential software and need to be decrypted by the general manager before they can be opened normally, prevent leakage of product drawings,

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