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Medical prototype-Guaranteed after-sales

by:Tuowei     2019-09-20
2019-05- 11 11: 06

some time ago, Miss Wu had a medical prototype that needed to be taken to the exhibition. At first, she found a smaller prototype factory, but what can't be done is not ideal. It took Miss Wu a week. Looking at the bureau exhibition, there are only a few days left. By chance, Miss Wu found the customer service Xiaoxie of Tuwei model through the Internet and said her needs, xiao Xie introduced her to the strength of the tuowei model, and communicated with Miss Wu to do it well within 5 days. She also sincerely invited Miss Wu to visit tuowei model. Miss Wu hesitated.

but her hesitation dissipated when she came to the extension model the next day, which was completely put down. Everyone knows that the threshold of the prototype industry is very low. Basically, two to three processing equipment can be supported. The prototype model factory of 10 machines can be counted as a big factory. However, it is seen that the extension model has more than 50 processing equipment, five-axis machining, and more than a hundred excellent teams. It was very quick to make this medical prototype.

The 24-hour processing of the Tuowei model was sent to Miss Wu's hand just five days later. Miss Wu also took her medical prototype to the exhibition smoothly, she also won several customers, and Miss Wu praised the model with great satisfaction. The prototype accuracy of the extension model processing can reach ±0. 03mm, 3- It can be shipped in 5 days, and it is guaranteed after sales. If necessary, you are welcome to contact the extension model

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