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Medical prototype manufacturers

by:Tuowei     2019-09-20
2019-03- 08 08: 11

There are many medical equipment research and development companies in Shenzhen. Considering a large number of mold opening risks, they will find some large formal medical prototype model factories, for cooperation, the structure can be carefully assembled and used. This tests the raw material forming technology of the prototype factory.

in many small medical prototype factories, the accuracy is definitely not up to standard and does not meet the needs of customers. Therefore, finding the extension model is a good way to deal with this difficult situation, thanks to the fact that it is equipped with multiple five-axis processing machines. Accuracy up to ±0. 01mm, can meet the requirements of the customer's 3D drawings. If you are worried that the use environment will affect the product, the professional project manager of tuowei will negotiate with you to come up with a plan and then use the raw materials selectively.

for exhibitors, you want to make a beautiful appearance, and you can also meet your needs 24 hours a day. CTO in the United States guides the appearance process and conducts three dimensional accuracy tests free of charge. Like other small medical prototype factories, there won't be so many configurations, and look forward to contacting you.

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