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Medical prototype model-Door-to-door delivery

by:Tuowei     2019-09-20
2019-05- 15 16: 45

as we all know, as long as the newly developed products are developed, the mold will be opened, but we also know that the funds needed to open the mold are very expensive. However, since the emergence of the prototype model, the waste of funds, costs and resources has been solved. If you want to take advantage of the newly developed products to participate in the exhibition, making a prototype model is undoubtedly a good choice. set of molds for medical devices often requires hundreds of thousands of yuan or more, the medical prototype model only needs tens of thousands of pieces.

is like Mr. Wang some time ago. Looking for the medical prototype model of Shenzhen on the Internet, we found the information of the extension model. The web page of other prototype factories was closed after a few eyes, but when he found it, he seemed to feel that the extension model was not bad, so he launched an online consultation and left a contact information. The customer service transferred the customer's information to the salesman Li Gong. Because the customer is not far away from the extension model, he came to the extension model the next day. Li Gong first took the customer to the sample room and introduced the advantages of the extension model and how the sample was made. Mr. Wang is very satisfied. I feel that this is a reliable manufacturer.

then went to the workshop, the customer mainly looked at how CNC works and looked at the post-processing process. After reading, the customer was very satisfied with the order. After sending the drawings, Li Gong looked at the drawings and requirements. The main materials of this medical prototype model were aluminum alloy, which was programmed by the engineer and processed by CNC, then the manual master will manually polish it and then go to the fuel injection department to spray the surface and then silk screen it.

The Medical prototype model was completed four days later. Since the customer is in Shenzhen, the tuowei model provides door-to-door delivery. First, the prototype is wrapped in film and Pearl cotton, and it is carried to the car, and then three professionals are in the car, it was not left until it was handed over to the customer in good condition. For customers who are far away, the Tuowei model will be carefully packed into wooden boxes, filled with sponges between wooden boxes and prototypes, and then transported by air. If you also want to find a responsible manufacturer, look at the extension model.

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