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Medical prototype model-Large products for whole processing

by:Tuowei     2019-09-20
2019-03- 10 17: 11

when a medical enterprise develops a new product, it will first find a prototype factory that makes a medical prototype model to cooperate, the prototype can be used to find out the shortcomings of the product. For example, developing a medical device product will make a medical device according to the drawing after the drawing design is completed. However, you must choose a prototype factory with strength and strong strength to cooperate. If you choose a small prototype factory, light will only have some minor shortcomings in the product, heavy can bring you significant losses.

many enterprises that do the medical industry, I will find a medical prototype factory to make a prototype. Generally, I like the whole processing. The whole processing is really good, but in fact, the disassembly processing is also very good, and the cost performance is actually cheaper than the whole processing. But! If you want to choose the disassembly process, you must choose a large prototype factory with strong prototype factory cooperation.

some time ago, a Miss Wang arrived at tuowei company, she is a medical industry. Today, she wants to visit the tuowei model. The Salesman, Miss Xin, entertained her. After a long talk with each other, I learned that Miss Wang wanted to find a prototype factory to make a large medical prototype model, but she found a number of prototype factories and looked at the process of making prototypes in other prototype factories. She was not satisfied, many prototype factories want to talk about this big order, because the number that Miss Wang needs is also quite large.

in order to let this Miss Wang know the strength of tuowei company, miss Xin, the salesman, took the customer to the workshop to visit, all about it. Miss Wang has been thinking about it. After visiting the workshop, after chatting a few words about leaving each other's contact information, the Miss Wang left. few days later, when she thought she was going to lose the customer, the Miss Wang called the salesman and said she decided to cooperate. After all, after looking for so long, she finally found a suitable enterprise. So, Miss Wang sent the drawings and paid the full amount.

after Miss Xin discussed with the engineer, set a production plan suitable for customers. Since there are many medical prototype models for this cooperation, the production of tuowei's employees in shifts and overtime work has finally been completed in a week! Took a photo of Miss Wang and invited her to come over and see the results. After seeing the results, Miss Wang was very satisfied with the products and the strength of Tuowei. If you want to find a reliable enterprise to do a medical prototype model, you can consider the extension model company. If you have any ideas, please contact the customer service on the right side and wait 24 hours. There will be special people to serve you!

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