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meet the woman who\'s using 3d printing to make your shoes cool and comfortable

by:Tuowei     2019-08-18
Technology is sexy.
Correction, the inserts you put in your shoes to fix your injured feet, are not even close to being sexy.
But what happens when you bring a wicked person in
Smart Women, iPad and 3D printers solve the problem between design and comfort?
If you destroy an industry, sexy things happen.
Meet Kegan shuwenbao, 29 years oldyear-old CEO and Co-
The founder of SOLS, which introduced 3D printing technology into footwear products, and created dynamic foot beds designed to change the way the world walks.
\"We did this because our feet were hurt,\" Keegan said.
Because \"orthography\" should not be a dirty word.
Because the general insole is not cut.
Because people everywhere should be given more power, can go further, run faster, jump higher and jump longer.
SOLS, who recently celebrated their first birthday, has raised $8. 5 million.
This is the story of Keegan.
Dennis Restauri: how can we get the Sol of ideas?
Fort Shu: Sol is the climax of some experiences.
On the one hand, I grew up in correction.
Not only are they Strange, but they mean they can\'t wear the shoes I want to wear.
On the other hand, I have been trying 3D printing since college.
I clearly remember saying on 2005 or 2006: \"We will do this one day.
\"I hate making prototypes of something digitally and then seeing a less than perfect version from the manufacturer.
I joined shapeway in 2011 to help build the US. S. production.
I am moving towards the \"factory of the future\" and finally realize how big the potential impact of 3D printing is.
While I like the idea that we give designers the ability to put their ideas into practice, my personal motivation is that I am passionate about bringing this technology to the mass market, and by doing so to promote change, this will open the box of potential applications of Pandora.
I know that if we can apply this technology on a large scale, we can fundamentally change the world.
I think, \"what market is nobody looking?
\"No one solved what app\" \"Why 2014, my feet still hurt ? \"?
\"Shouldn\'t someone fix this now?
\"I knew at the time that if we were going to make something on a large scale, it wouldn\'t be something outside the custom shoes.
While this is at the heart of our brand, it\'s not about fashion.
It\'s about need.
It\'s about responding to a very simple, very human everyday problem and solving it with technology.
I think back to my childhood, how old-fashioned it was, and how the industry was upended.
After some research, I know that SOLS can be a huge opportunity.
Restauri: How does Sol work?
Schouwenburg: SOLS software uses state-of-the-art technology to bring outdated processes into the 21 st century.
Everything starts with the iPad.
When I presented our seeds to people, people thought it was crazy and pushed me to an existing solution that required a lot of office hardware.
This has never been a topic of discussion for me.
Democratic access to products can only be achieved if you no longer need additional technology to support actual products.
No one ordered a scanner from Amazon to make a 3D model of their feet.
It doesn\'t matter how cheap that scanner is.
Today, I am pleased to say that our app captures six photos of a person\'s foot, extrapolated a unique set of data points and measurements, and generated a pair of SOLS.
It\'s amazing.
The process is a number of 100% and takes 10 minutes or less.
While we can only get it through medical channels at the moment, SOLS will soon be available to consumers via mobile apps, with simple processes where consumers can create remote prescriptions at a lower price.
A major advantage of digital on-demand technology (3D printing)
By minimizing overhead and waste costs like inventory, they make it possible to adjust costs and values in an unprecedented way.
Today\'s correction is very expensive for many people.
The cost of traditional correction is over $500, and we believe it is our responsibility to serve all those who need it at an affordable price.
It is our philosophy that everyone should be able to make healthy lifestyle choices.
We need to make this a reality.
You have this good idea, but 3D printing is not cheap and not easy.
How did you turn your idea into a company?
Schouwenburg: I think my time at shapeway gave me a unique view of 3D printing.
I have a lot of industry knowledge and eventually became a huge advantage in launching SOLS.
Not only have I established a good relationship, but I have a lot of work knowledge about materials and cost structures that I don\'t know.
SOLS is a complex company.
We are not only a vertically integrated manufacturing company.
We are not only one of the first applications for large-scale 3D printing applications.
Not only do we shoulder the mission of changing the entire footwear industry, but fundamentally we are a software company.
Our software stack makes SOLS possible, our printers make SOLS a reality, and our brand represents trust.
Together, these three components solve a real need.
As I look around, I see many people innovating in every aspect of the landscape.
I see fashion companies building custom clothing brands.
I saw 3DP marketing custom prosthetics and I saw what NIKE did with the nike id-but I didn\'t see anyone connecting these points to say value, IP, not in the machine, in software.
HP does not produce machines, they produce ink.
3D printing is no different.
These machines are just the tip of the iceberg.
The future is how to combine these products together to build scalable on-demand solutions for custom products.
That\'s what we did in Sol.
As for how it came together?
Just go on.
I made a lot of mistakes and fell into too many rabbit holes but it was part of the journey.
If the road is straight and simple, someone else may have done it.
You have raised $8. 5 million.
Do you think being a woman will make it harder to raise money?
Schouwenburg: set up a company to make it look like cakewalk to raise money.
When I decided to start SOLS, I knew it wasn\'t the kind of company you started.
This is too complicated and I have too many skills outside my cab.
I had to laugh when I saw $5 million going to a new app to do one thing, and I saw that we were producing, manufacturing products, building software, building distribution channels --
The amount of cash is the same.
I\'m sure it\'s more of an investor\'s fear of manufacturing than the result of me being a woman.
Looking back at our seed wheel, I thought we would never raise money for a few days.
I still remember in the stairwell of Techstars, my first boss graduated from college and got a promise of $10,000.
I remember a week later I received the check in the mail, paid an extra $5,000 and received a note that said \"it\'s hard.
\"We paid the rent that month.
These are the things you won\'t forget.
For someone who hasn\'t done it before, it\'s hard to explain what the process of raising money looks like, but I can only say that you stick to it.
No matter how many times you hear \"no\", you must continue to tell stories and continue to believe in stories
\"You won\'t win if you\'re not fully committed to your future.
Later, the Fund number.
Dream of seed wheel fund.
Why do you think your first boss, a man who only worked with you for seven months, invested in you?
Mark is an entrepreneur.
I said the boss but actually, it\'s his company-I\'m a product designer and passionate about startups, hoping to learn as much as possible about how the company operates from its founders and CEOs.
Mark developed the technology during his time at Stanford University, eventually forming the foundation of an incredible entertainment and technology company.
He knows what it feels like to build his own reality and wants to support that.
What is your dream?
Schouwenburg: In the past three years, I have gone out of business from the first company, I don\'t know what I will do next, work in one of the most interesting companies, change the face of manufacturing, have my own company, build the Future of products.
I say opportunistic people often describe me as precocious.
I have always been disappointed that the world has not reached the vision of science fiction.
I read science fiction books from an early age.
If I can play even a small role in driving the world to its potential, then I am very happy.
Building Sol is a step in this story.
It\'s very exciting to see a team united and motivated under a vision.
I\'m excited about the idea of localized manufacturing in the US, and I\'m excited about the potential to create jobs from factory to lab and anywhere in. What’s next? Who knows.
We have a lot of work to do before I get ready to go there.
Restauri: three things will you tell other entrepreneurs?
Shu Wenbao: it is most important to believe in yourself.
The bigger the vision, the more people will tell you that this is impossible.
Don\'t waste your mind on this.
Time is not enough.
Only do what you love.
If you are not completely consumed by what you are building, others will not focus on the next step (
All pun intended.
Due to the sheer size of all this, it is easy to paralyze.
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