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meet world\'s smallest 3d printer

by:Tuowei     2019-08-29
Three printers can be produced.
Size objects have been available for many years.
However, at the Vienna University of Technology, a printing device has now been developed, which is much smaller, lighter and cheaper than a normal 3D printer.
With this printer, everyone can produce small Taylor-made 3D-
Items at home, building plan using Internet
-This can save money for expensive customization-
Build spare parts.
In order to design a 3D, several scientific fields must be combined. printer.
The device was assembled by a mechanical engineer from Professor Jurgen Stampfl\'s research team and is also essential for the chemical research of Professor Robert Liska\'s team: first, chemists must determine which special types of synthetic materials can be used for printing.
The basic principle of layer 3D-
The printer is very simple: print the desired object in a small bathtub filled with synthetic resin.
This resin has a very special characteristic: it will harden under intense beam exposure.
Layer by layer, the synthetic resin is irradiated in the correct position.
When a layer is hardened, the next layer can be attached to it until the object is finished.
This method is called \"additive manufacturing technology \".
\"In this way, we can even produce complex geometric objects whose internal structure is complex and can never be manufactured using casting technology,\" explains Klaus Stadlmann . \".
He developed the prototype with Marcus hazenbikler.
This method is not big-
Mass production of commodities-there are cheaper alternatives for this.
The biggest advantage of additive manufacturing is for the production of Taylor-
Items adjusted separately.
The prototype of this printer is no larger than a box of milk and weighs 1.
5 kilograms, 1200 euros, very cheap.
\"We will continue to reduce the size of the printer, and the price will definitely be reduced if it is produced in large quantities,\" said Klaus stardman . \". LED-
The resolution of the projector printer with higher resolution is very good: the single layer of beam hardening is only twice the thickness of MM.
Therefore, the printer can be used for applications that require extraordinary accuracy, such as structural components of hearing aids.
Unlike previous models, TU Vienna\'s printer uses LEDs to get high-intensity light well
Define location.
The additive manufacturing technology research team of TU Vienna is working with a variety of different 3D-
Technology and materials.
Continuous development of new materials such as special ceramics or polymers in 3Dprinting.
Now you can even make 3D objects with eco
Friendly biodegradable substances.
Scientists, working with biologists and doctors, can prove to use their 3D-
Printer technology is ideal for use as a stand to support the natural growth of the body\'s bone structure.
Whether it\'s a medical part, adjusted entirely to the needs of the patient, special spare parts, otherwise it has to be shipped in half the world, with extraordinary versatility, or it\'s just some kind of ego-
Beautifully designed jewelry: utilizing the multi-functional cheap equipment and materials developed in Vienna, it is now possible to build highly complex 3D objects with a wide range of materials with very different mechanical, optical and thermal properties.
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