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Metal prototype model processing-Looking for professional manufacturers

by:Tuowei     2019-09-26
2019-05- 10 09: 23

there is a possibility that customers can make metal prototype models, that is, to verify the rationality of product appearance and structural design, so as to optimize and shorten the research and development time, or reduce the risk and some unnecessary losses when opening the mold. If the prototype factory is not professional enough and the quality is very poor, the accuracy is not high, which will have an impact on product development, so be sure to find a professional prototype factory when opening the mold.

The metal prototype model was made to verify the appearance and structure of the product the rationality of the design, in this way, the customer's accuracy of the prototype is relatively high. The general prototype factory often ignores some details when making prototype proofing, thus affecting the accuracy and delivery of the prototype. Therefore, a professional prototype factory must do every detail and delivery in the process of making the prototype.

generally, some powerful metal prototype model factories will have professional the QC Inspection Department detects all aspects of the product. Just like the extension model, there is a professional QC department, which must be tested after each process. Once the problem is found, the re-milling or repair work will be carried out immediately. There are more than 50 sets of high-precision processing equipment, delivery 3-5 days, 24 hours processing, fast shipment.

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