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microrobotics: the surgeons of the future

by:Tuowei     2019-09-08
Robotic instruments, giving surgeons \"super
A laboratory in Britain is developing human power.
Sky News has shown a medical staff \"see-
While \"vision\" allows them to discover structures that are usually hidden in the field of view.
It also warned them if they were pressed too hard on delicate tissue.
Gauthier Gras, who is working on the technology at the Hamlyn Center at Imperial College London, said: \"If you are approaching an aneurysm (
Dangerous blood vessel swelling)
You will want to know the force applied.
It breaks easily.
\"But with this, you can warn the surgeon in advance to prevent damage.
\"The probe uses the sensor to accurately locate its position in the brain, and then from the pre-
Surgical scans to \"enhance\" what the surgeon sees on the monitor.
The surgical robot currently used at the NHS hospital is located above the operating table.
But scientists at Imperial College of Technology are shrinking the technology.
Hand-held smart tools or small instruments that are not visible to the naked eye. ProfessorGuang-
Zhong Yang, director of the center, said: \"The robots we are making are getting smaller and smaller.
\"It can be delivered with a needle, so you don\'t need to make any cuts.
They can reach the site along a curved anatomical path.
We\'re already doing grass gras half the size of your hair.
Professor Yang said that one day, micro-robots will make it possible to operate individual cells in the early stages of the disease.
He added that with the reduction and wider use of the technology, the price of surgical robots will also drop from around 1 today to \"tens of thousands \"--
Like a room.
1970 of computers have grown to be cheap, but high
Smart phones.
\"This technology has developed a lot,\" he said . \"
High function, low
Cost robotics can also revolutionize the lives of people who need to replace their limbs.
Open bionic Bristol
Based on startups, a robot hand that can be customized is being developed
It was made on a 3D printer a few days later.
Its numbers move in the same way as existing bionic hands to pick up objects at a cost of up to £ 90,000.
It hopes to sell printed hands for less than £ 2,000 from the end of next year.
Dan Melville, who was born with no right hand, has been testing a prototype.
He said this is much better than the beauty prosthetic limbs currently offered by the NHS.
\"They are creepy,\" he said . \"
\"With this, I feel more like a semi-robot.
It\'s way cooler.
\"Do whatever you want.
You want to show off and make others jealous because they don\'t have bionic hands.
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