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Microsoft springs hologram surprise; offers Windows 10 for free

by:Tuowei     2019-08-08
On Wednesday, Microsoft launched a prototype holographic sun visor that will take my World video games, Skype calls and even the Mars landscape to 3-
Dimension life.
The veteran tech pioneer, who has long lost the crown of the world\'s most creative company, is boldly regaining the title in the face of fierce competition between Google and Apple.
Virtual reality or augmented reality is the next frontier in computing interaction, with Facebook Inc. focusing on Oculus VR headsets, and Google working on its Glass project.
Microsoft said,
This fall, the free Microsoft HoloLens device will be available at the same time as Windows 10.
Industry analysts are generally excited about the prospect, but wonder if it can produce a working model on a large scale.
Market prices are fast.
\"That\'s a kind of \'Oh wow!
\"Moment,\" said Gartner analyst Mike Silver, who tried the prototype on Wednesday.
\"You will see a relatively high
The pricing model for this year or next, then it may take a few years to lower it to a more affordable level.
\"Microsoft has no brilliant record in opening up the market --
Let technology go to life.
Motion of Kinect
The induction game device caused the initial sensation, but never caught the popular imagination.
The company showed the original test version of the sun visor-
Jerry in essence.
The rigged wires and cameras are parked on the head. -
Reporters and industry analysts said at a gathering at the headquarters near Seattle.
It does not allow the experience of any photos or videos, but puts some pictures on its website.
Microsoft has been trying to do its best.
Years of secret projects, showing many scenes: manipulating virtual objects that can be sent to 3D printers, creating a \"My World\"
Like the game environment in the room, let the user point to the object at the other end of the line in the Skype video call.
Most realistically, it shows a realistic panoramic view of the surface of Mars collected from NASA\'s Curiosity probe.
NASA has partnered with Microsoft to develop a software called OnSight, which will enable scientists on Earth to conduct virtual exploration and planning experiments on Mars.
\"This is incredible, and what surprised me is how much progress holographic technology has made.
Speaking of the role in Star Wars, IDC analyst Al Hilwa said: \"I have been waiting for Princess Leia to appear . \".
\"But the wildcard for the future is whether a large number of people are willing to wear this gear.
\"We also have to wait and see what eye-catching apps are coming up and how wide life is --
\"They are changing,\" he added . \".
Executives also showed off an Xbox app for Windows 10 games, as well as a new version of browser code called \"spartan\" that allows users to take notes and share them on web pages.
Microsoft will upgrade the upcoming Windows 10 operating system for free to the latest version of Windows and Windows Phone users, as the world\'s largest software company, it tries to retain customers in the mobile era.
For Microsoft, the \"free\" strategy is a well-designed gamble designed to put Windows into the device as much as possible.
The company will then make up for any loss of revenue by selling services such as Office over the Internet or the cloud.
\"This is a necessary evil because CEO Satya Nadella and Microsoft have recognized the\" Golden Egg \"and there will be significant revenue opportunities after the upgrade, FBR Capital Markets analyst,\" said Daniel Ives.
\"Microsoft needs to lay the foundation for cloud technology --
The Windows 10-centric strategy is at the center of the strategy.
\"It\'s all about attracting the ecosystem to the next --
Analysts said: \"The direct revenue shock is unlikely to be great, because of Microsoft\'s Windows revenue of about $0. 5 billion a year, the upgraded income does not exceed $20 billion.
Most of Windows\'s revenue comes from hardware manufacturers and payments that install it on new PCs. year licenses.
Investors were not impressed.
It is expected that the company will report its quarterly earnings next week to say more about the financial impact of the new approach.
Windows 10, which is expected to be available this fall, will be available as a free upgrade for Windows 7 and Windows 8 users for one year.
1 and Windows Phone 8. 1.
Industry insiders and Wall Street analysts believe the move is inevitable.
Windows only runs on about 15% of computing devices, including phones and tablets, which is largely irrelevant to many consumers.
It lags behind Apple and Google, which regularly updates their software systems for customers for free.
Microsoft shares fell 1 cent to $45.
Listed on NASDAQ shortly before closing.
\"The way to motivate consumers is to make upgrades transparent and painless ---
It means free and low. to-
\"There is no effort,\" said Frank Gillett, analyst at Forester . \".
\"Microsoft must meet the expectations of mobile and network leaders.
\"At an event at headquarters near Seattle, Microsoft also tried to boost its reputation for innovation.
Microsoft released the new Windows 10 operating system in September as a move to unify users of various devices.
It completely skips Windows 9, leaving some distance between the new system and Windows 8, and many users are confused by giving up the Start button menu and using the new layout.
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