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minzi the amputee dog can jump again thanks to paralympian-style running blade

by:Tuowei     2019-09-07
This is Mitz. -three-year-
The old bormelania from Oldenburg, Germany, said that although she had three legs, she would not slow down.
When her puppy, she broke her leg and, despite surgery to insert metal plates and screws, the limbs could not be preserved. She was four-and-a-half-months-
When the vet told owners Sandra and Andre, 24 and 25, that she needed to have an amputee after the blood stopped flowing to her legs and was declared \"dead.
They were worried that she could not get used to her new life, and Sandra cried for weeks because of the news.
But to their surprise, Minzi bounced back and seemed \"happier than ever\"-and didn\'t seem to even notice the body she lost.
They created a social media page for their Skinny Puppy, which weighs less than a can of small soup.
Attracted more than 112,000 fans.
Sandra drosagan, who is working on a PhD in robotics, said: \"The blood no longer flows on her legs, the tissue on her legs dies and must be cut off immediately.
\"Very sad.
I \'ve been crying for weeks because it\'s hard to hear.
\"Andre was strong and told me that everything was going to be OK and she was happy before when we brought her back.
\"She did a good job and she came home with three legs and started playing and running and didn\'t seem to notice that she had one less leg.
She is as strong and happy as before, which we did not expect.
\"We want to show people that dogs with three legs have no limit and they can do whatever they want.
\"She is an inspiring person, and we get information from people who have lost their limbs and are in wheelchairs that they want to be as strong as Mingzi.
\"Some owners let the dog sleep when they lose one leg because many people don\'t know the pet\'s prosthetic leg.
It is important to prove that dogs with three legs can live a good life with artificial limbs and can live as perfectly as people with artificial limbs.
\"This year, Minzi installed her own custom prosthetic leg, and the couple made their own prosthetic leg together with an orthopedic doctor.
Inspired by the running blades used by Paralympians, it took 18 months to design, develop and create.
Sandra said: \"We made her first prosthetic leg after her leg was taken --
But it doesn\'t fit at all. we went through more than three other things.
Then I made one myself with a 3D printer so we can sort the shapes and sizes.
\"We have designed this new prosthesis to help her jump, which is made of carbon, which is rarely used for dog prosthetic limbs.
\"We want to buy Minzi something that is not hard plastic.
\"Hopefully this will help reduce the strain caused to the Minzi spine by losing the limb.
Student Andre padken said: \"All her muscles are gone, so we have been trying to recover them by practicing the prosthetic limbs several times a day.
\"We use artificial limbs to help her maintain her posture and prevent back problems from getting worse.
\"She already had a problem and sometimes didn\'t want to move at all, so we found a physical therapist.
\"It took us two years to find someone who helped her to make a perfect prosthesis, just like humans do, very capable.
The couple also had two other 3-year-old Pomeranian Monti and 4-year-old Lia, as well as 11-year-old Keeshonds Aisha and 14-year-old Cora, they only take pictures when the dog wants to take pictures.
Andrea said: \"We stop immediately when they leave the camera or we see they don\'t want to take pictures.
\"We only take pictures when they are happy and want to take pictures. of course, they will also get a lot of hospitality.
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