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Mission of Shenzhen prototype factory

by:Tuowei     2019-09-22
2019-01- 16 17: 29

received a customer email today, the customer inquired about the 3D printing project two months ago, but when talking about the details of the drawings, however, I encountered the dilemma of following up the customer. I can't contact the customer in any way, and there is no response. I thought I had lost this customer since then. I didn't expect the customer to take the initiative to contact Miss Huang, the business of Shenzhen prototype model, two months later, and told her that she was making drawings some time ago, now I want to get a quotation again after updating the drawings.

The customer did not give a clear processing method and material, after discussion with CTO and project manager, Miss Huang decided to give two solutions. However, neither of these solutions can meet the needs of customers. The target price of the customer is low, but it is necessary to ensure that the prototype is movable and wear-resistant. The foreign trade team of Shenzhen prototype model factory carefully evaluated the customer's project again and put forward another suggestion to him. Later, the customer readily accepted the suggestion of the extension model and won the possibility of cooperation.

In this consultation, miss Huang feels that as a salesman, it is important to have communication skills and a heart to serve customers. Ensure the correctness and efficiency of communication information, save time for negotiation and improve efficiency. Keep patience and perseverance. From the customer's point of view, it is of great significance to establish mutual trust and good business partnership. Shenzhen prototype model factory practices its mission with practical actions: let the company, employees and customers grow together and realize their dreams together.

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