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model has her skull re-built with a 3d printer after horror fall left her with severe head injuries

by:Tuowei     2019-09-08
A model that left a \"big hole\" in the head after a horrible fall has reconstructed her skull with a 3D printer.
Francesca Burr was hospitalized after a violent attack on last November and fell down the stairs. The 28-year-
According to the Daily Mirror, old artists and models do not remember her boyfriend, her middle name, or the fact that her parents divorced when she woke up from a coma ten years ago.
Francesca had five skull fractures, a fracture of the chin and a fracture of the nose.
After seven hours of surgery by the surgeon on Francesca\'s head, her part of the head was gone, and she scraped off the skull to break the part of her brain.
Francesca was found at the bottom of the stairs of her mother\'s house, and her \"eyes, ears and nose\" ran out of blood.
She said: \"It looks like something in CSI.
\"Mom and I-
Dad went home after dinner on Friday night and found that they couldn\'t open it because I blocked the front door.
\"All they can hear is dog barking, and then they see all the blood.
\"After she was in a coma at the adaddenbrook Hospital in Cambridge, Francesca\'s family was told to prepare for the worst.
However, 10 months after her terrible fall, after the expert reprinted her skull using a 3D printer, Francesca has now recovered.
She installed a titanium skull plate in February and she said it was great.
Francesca says she is now trying to rebuild her life, but she says she \"will never do it again\", although she adds that she is \"very lucky\" to have support
Francesca, Ellis-
Danos syndrome (EDS)
This is a rare set of genetic diseases that affect connected tissues.
The syndrome means Francesca has unstable joints that are prone to dislocation and loss of balance, but she has never experienced a seizure before last year.
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