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monoprice unveils a suite of 3d printers for home and business

by:Tuowei     2019-09-01
Online retailer Monoprice announced at CES on January 5 that it will expand its popular 3D print lineup with several new printer models for home and professional users.
The new printer is fully operational, including the company\'s selection of mini printers for $199 and the company\'s first professional stereo molding (SLA)printer.
Known for its affordable and high-quality computer accessories, Monoprice is a new entrant to the 3D printer market and has achieved great success in the field, recording 600-
The percentage of sales growth in the category in 2016.
The company hopes to continue this trend by designing two 3D printer models for hobby users.
MP Delta Mini 3D printer for $149cost, entry-
Function Wi-level printer
Convenient, out Fiof-the-box printing.
In addition, in the home user category, Monoprice updates its selected mini printer to version 2.
0, plus community-
Inspired upgrades to the unit.
MORE: Monoprice brings a lot of audio equipment to CEDIA with its new overall product line for business, and Monoprice Introduces MP 3 series commercial 3D printers for $799.
The printer is ideal for industrial and fast commercial prototyping with a full print case, a construction volume of 400x400mm, and the latest FDM technology.
The company also entered the SLA resin market through the new MP manufacturer prism professional SLA resin printer.
This $3,500 printer offers professional quality printing at an impressive 0. 03-
Micron layer resolution, ideal for prototyping, jewelry and other projects that require high print accuracy.
Monoprice has also launched a new version of The Onyx Series 3.
5mm audio cable as well as several new USB 3. 0 and USB-C cables.
In addition to the printer, the company is going beyond the home office market to enter the home appliance category with new mixers, induction cookers and sous vide precision cookers.
Starting in 2017, Monoprice will start offering new 3D printers, home appliances, and more, and will continue to offer them throughout the year.
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