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Montreal\'s Oreo Cookie Plant To Close More Than A Year After Announcement

by:Tuowei     2019-08-12
The factory opened in 1956 to produce more than one billion biscuits a year. MONTREAL —
There used to be a time when the whole block was surrounded by an East --
The Montreal end bakery smells like a baked Oreo.
But this is the end of the month, when Snacks
Manufacturing firm Yizi International has permanently closed its Montreal plant.
Union spokesman Pierre glennier said many of the 454 employees at the factory have been working there for decades, and the News of the factory\'s closure was \"a blow \".
\"It\'s always hard, but people have already mourned,\" Grenier said . \" His union represents the construction maintenance staff.
Several still-working employees opened the large concrete building in the shadow of the Olympic Stadium in 1956, producing more than a billion famous blacksand-
White Oreo cookies are available every year.
On 2012, the factory held an event to celebrate Oreo, where journalists could see the industrial oven, large buckets of sugary fillings and black cookie dough of the building.
On November 2016, four years later, the company announced the closure of the factory. After a drawn-
Laurie guzenati, a spokesman for the company, said 300,000-square-
The foot factory is being sold and its equipment is being transferred and auctioned.
She wrote in an email that some of the company\'s employees, some of whom are still working, received support and career transition assistance.
Grenier said the long closing process gave workers the opportunity to move on and they had little hope for the revival of the agency.
\"We don\'t believe in miracles. it will certainly not be reopened.
Biscuits and snacks
Maker is the latest among companies that have chosen to close their Montreal business in recent years.
Among other things, there are Old Dutch Foods, Electrolux, Mabe and powerhouse Holdings.
\"We hear more about the companies that left, not the companies that stayed,\" Grenier said . \".
Mix of old manufacturing
School and new stars, but Steve Chates
The founder of the Montreal manufacturing company said that although there are some large enterprises, the manufacturing industry in the city is quite stable.
Name of the company.
\"Although there are several high
In a telephone interview, he said: \"In small and medium-sized enterprises, the profile companies that leave the city, especially the larger ones, seem to have stagnant and healthy turnover . \".
The website is promoted locally by Charters
Most employers who want to move to other places at a cheaper salary do so, and others have good reasons to stay.
The industry is a mix of old industries, he said.
School manufacturers such as nearly 100-year-
Old Samuel pine suits and new startups led by brewers, brewers and even insects
Food company.
Although industrial jobs have fallen sharply since the 1990 s, he believes that the industry may rise again in the next five to ten years, encouraged by new interest in consuming local goods, new technologies such as environmental sustainable commodities and 3D printing are changing the way products are produced.
\"It may change and it looks a bit different from what it is today, but we think there is great potential in the future,\" he said . \".
He said that while cities like Montreal are increasingly promoting high
Technology work, local and provincial governments need to understand that not every citizen will thrive as an app developer.
\"They may not be the sexiest or up-to-date job people like to push, but they play a very valuable role in hiring a wide variety of people and hiring people of all backgrounds, he said.
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