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Obama gets first 3D-printed presidential portrait

by:Tuowei     2019-09-11
Obama can add that he is the first in his first listS.
Let the President scan and 3D print in person. Obama\'s 3D-
Printed bust images and mold on his face were on display on Wednesday (June 18)at the first-
According to the Smithsonian Institution, Faire, a former White House manufacturer, is a celebration for students and entrepreneurs who use technology to create new products and businesses.
Smithsonian 3D digital team-
Earlier this year, imaging experts scanned the president.
They used the University of Southern California\'s Light Stage facial scanner to capture Obama\'s face at high resolution, and reconstructed his chest with a 3D scanner and SLR camera. [
10 most strange things created by 3D printing]
Next, 3D graphics experts from Autodesk, a software company, made high
Print a resolution model using a 3D system\'s selective laser sintering printer.
The scanned and printed model will be part of the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery collection, which displays multiple photos of each president.
3D portraits will be added to the museum\'s collection of works currently representing Obama.
The Smithsonian Institution launched a 3D scanning and imaging project called Smithsonian X 3D in 2013 to enable researchers to access museum collections and scientific specimens more widely.
The Smithsonian X 3D series includes models of Wright Flyers, the first successful heavy-duty duck-style two-wing aircraftthan-
The air-powered aircraft manufactured by the Wright Brothers in 1903;
The remains of supernova Cassiopeia; a whale fossil; and a sixth-
Buddha statue of the century.
These objects are available online, and anyone with a 3D printer can print them on a 3D printer.
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