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Objet Geometries bids for NASDAQ IPO

by:Tuowei     2019-08-12
Last week, no less than eight companies completed Wall Street IPOs-the largest number of IPOs in the week since 2010, with a total IPO amount of $1 this week. 5 billion.
The Israeli 3D printer company Objet geometry is starting to catch up and will try to boost the $0. 12 billion market cap of more than $0. 5 billion of what Calcalist will learn next month. J. P.
Morgan and Deutsche Bank will lead the release, which, if successful, is expected to be the largest Israeli company held on Wall Street in the past five years.
The company has arranged a roadshow for US investors in December 5.
This issue will be held if market conditions are favorable, especially during this period of instability.
In last February, it was reported that Objet plans to try to issue $100 million worth of products in 2011 at a market value of $0. 4 billion.
Due to the weak market conditions at the time, after the company realized that it could not issue according to the market value it wanted, the issue did not proceed;
However, the company\'s projected performance of $2011-$160
$0. 18 billion-change the picture.
The company\'s main investors include TDA Investment Group and Glenrock.
It is reported that the company has turned losses in the past two years.
Shareholders of the company include Discount Investment Group Scitex (22. 9%)
Only $3 million was paid to other shareholders.
The company is led by David Reis, whose main investor is Elan Jaglom, who operates outside Switzerland and holds more than 30% of physical shares.
Jaglom, also the chairman of the company, is expected to make tens of millions of dollars in profits in the release.
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