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Odd and end: Water from air

by:Tuowei     2019-08-10
In places where water is scarce, it is difficult to transport and store water.
Researchers from Ohio State University in the United States have come up with a new way to extract water from ambient air, inspired by beetles, cactus and desert grass.
Using a 3D printer, when you present on the back or cactus of the beetle, they make surfaces with bumps and hooks and place them in a closed haze environment.
They found that the cone surface gathered more water than the cylindrical shape;
More grooves than those with no grooves.
The material to obtain the best results is hydrophilic in nature.
The press release refers to the precedent of the Atacama Desert in Chile, where fishing nets are used to capture fog and harvest agricultural water.
Research shows that this may not be the best way.
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