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omg tv moments: \'s oddest pairing yet, \'s cheating controversy and more!

by:Tuowei     2019-09-07
Warning: we will run out of the biggest TV moments from Thursday night.
If you don\'t want to be spoiled on a particular show, jump to the next show! Scandal: quirks! Chuinn!
So their mashed potatoes
Name needs some work but wow we don\'t see Quinn-
Charlie\'s paired!
Yes, that\'s right: the former B613 of hacky-
Final mini-Huck (
New gun lovers)
Quinn, some serious advice.
Guess who expressed too much interest in the life of a person in B613 and remember when Quinn was shy, humble, complete-in-over-her-
Head newbie gladiator Oh Olivia ended the episode by asking Fitz about his role in her mother\'s death, but he didn\'t play her game.
\"I don\'t know what you\'re talking about,\" he said, but his faceless face admitted to the truth. They\'re ba-ack!
After four revels
For free weeks, our favorite music tilt actor returns to the ultimate battle: Mrs. Gagav. Katy Perry!
While our loyalty remains the same, the new direction has quickly chosen their position.
He used to move ,-
We mean singing.
The trick to attract nurse Penny, but all of our flashes don\'t feel love.
Mary and Jack are not the cute ones.
We remember a couple who felt a lot of pressure in the bedroom with Marley last season.
How about the season
Jack, one of your Puckerman.
This is not a compliment.
Jack finally asked the New Santana in a flying saucer move (
Apparently her name is Bree)
Go to a \"private place\" so he can get his cheating spree. Not cool, dude.
In New York at the same time (
That\'s the only reason we\'re still in love)
Kurt has decided that it is time for a drastic career adjustment, and he will set up a band.
Unfortunately, only one person took part in the audition, but it doesn\'t matter because it\'s Adam Lambert, a legend known as Elliot in gleeuniverse.
Rachel ended up joining the band as well, and the band that was always called Pamela Lansbury was born!
Vampire Diaries: There is clearly no happiness on the menu of the mysterious barbecue restaurant.
Stefan not only restored all the painful memories at the end of the episode (
Under the weight of all his evil deeds and the time of drowning in the safe in the summer, it hardly works properly)
But it is revealed that the true love of silas Amara is still alive!
She quickly drained his blood in order to become a mortal.
Love is so bad, yeah, Katherine is going through something that\'s not so goodthan-
Ideal side effects of blood draw: her teeth fall off and her hair grayed out.
Pray for Catherine in our place and you are all invited!
Parenting: when we revisit Ryan\'s second suggestion to Amber, please pass us the tissue and he says, \"My life changed the day I met you, I don\'t want to spend another day without you. \" Swoon!
When Amber said yes to Ryan and the engagement ring he bought, we couldn\'t help but notice a little hesitation. Hmm. . .
Could this be related to Zach, The Fool of the band recording in theluncheontegrey anatomy: why, why, why isShonda rhimestoring we have Meredith and Kristina\'s friendship on such an unstable basis, when this is the last season for the latter!
To prove to Kristina that she was a great doctor, Meredith went too far in the operation, causing Alex to intervene. Yikes!
When Cristina asked her people if they could use her new 3D printer to save the baby\'s life, Mer cruelly rejected her.
The bad thing is that Cristina and Ross use the printer without the Mer location and handle the problem on their own.
Of course, Mer just happened to find a partner. in-crime, well. . .
Rule: It\'s true, it\'s good, but it\'s not really good, Thomas!
Last week, after the engagement of the charming Mary, the illegitimate son of the Portuguese King showed himself as an arrogant, shavinist jerk --face (
Who killed his first wife, by the way). What a winner!
Also, he was the one who ambushed the UK and almost killed our favorite jerk in the process.
He must die.
When Prince Francis killed him
The first kill of our future King).
But everything was fine, and King Henry told the Portuguese King that Thomas died in order to protect Francis, and the play brazen mentioned why Thomas had never appeared in the history book.
A long time ago, Wonderland: disclosure alarm: Will left Wonderland because of a girl who hurt his heart: Anastasia aka Red Queen!
\"If I were a fool, it was because you made me a fool,\" Will said to her . \".
Hell is not as angry as the rogue laughed!
Though he avoided beheading, Jafar was completely a liar and he turned him into a stone! So. Not. Cool.
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