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by:Tuowei     2019-08-30
Swipe your card to rotate you have thousands of wedding photos to go through, but all you want is a photo that shows a happy couple\'s first kiss from a flattering perspective.
How do you find it quickly?
CrowdCam is an application developed by MIT that can help.
Upload all images of the event, then CrowdCam evaluates their similarities and arranges them according to the angle they were taken.
Users can rotate around a scene by simply sliding left or right, and the system will show them the best matching photos.
\"Watching 3D at home is a very troublesome thing,\" said Kim Shillinglaw, head of BBC 3D, announcing that the company will stop making shows for this format, because \"there is a lack of interest in technology in the public\", this is the root of your problem solving. Learn because you can\'t see what they\'re doing
Last year, with the development of transparent soil made of plastic particles soaked in transparent liquids, the problem partially cracked.
Now, a team at Dundee University in the UK is adding lasers.
The laser goes straight through the transparent soil, but bounces back from the roots to all directions, which helps to build a very detailed 3D image as they grow.
Watch a video at bit. ly/laserroots (
Optical Express, mountain. org/m5k). 3D-
The printed liquid metal is not Terminator 2, but a way to 3D print the liquid metal can provide a new range of flexible electronics.
At room temperature, liquid metal gallium and indium alloys form thin skin when exposed to air.
Collin Ladd and his colleagues at North Carolina State University put the alloy into the syringe, being able to squeeze out vertically standing wires and liquid metal drop towers that are connected by the skin.
The wires remain flexible, so they are suitable for bending electronic products and can be produced in 3D printers.
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