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ottawa hospital opens 1st medical 3d printing program of its kind in canada

by:Tuowei     2019-09-06
The Ottawa Hospital has opened a new medical 3D printing project to make it easier and cheaper to make artificial limbs.
Will the 3D printer, bioprinters change? 6-year-
Ottawa old boy got iron man handDavid Chasse, he left his thumb on his left hand after a motorcycle crash, one of the first trya 3D
Printed artificial limbs for new projects.
\"I can catch things,\" he said . \".
\"Even with my other prosthesis, it\'s hard for me to catch anything every day.
\"It\'s particularly difficult to grab a water bottle and apply the right pressure,\" said Chasse, but his new prosthetic leg makes his fingers rattle.
\"With this new technology, it will only get better and better,\" said Chasse . \". Dr.
Frank leibuki, director of medical imaging at Ottawa Hospital, said the hospital\'s new programs are all designed to bring the best ideas to patients.
\"3D printing is already an emerging technology in other areas such as aerospace or automotive, and now it has entered the medical field,\" he said . \".
The 3D printing project is the first project of the Canadian hospital, working with the University of Ottawa, with lower costs and easier replacement.
Last year, Sebastian Chavaria obtained his first 3D print hand from the university\'s biomedical engineering project.
While it was imitated as Iron Man\'s metal glove, it turned out to be less durable than superhero armor.
\"This is because the other one is broken so I bought a new one,\" Chavarria said after bending over his new red fingerand-blue Spider-Man hand.
This new technology will make it easier for Chavarria\'s hands to be replaced when they grow up or are damaged due to children\'s games.
The price will be much cheaper.
3D doesn\'t cost thousands of dollars.
The printed limbs cost hundreds.
Chasse says his old fake hands cost $3,200, while his newbies only cost $200.
This will make it affordable for people without insurance, he said.
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