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Our good strategic partners.

Our good strategic partners.


Wendy, one of the salesmen of Prototeck, an internationally renowned prototype manufacturer in the United States, contacted us through the Internet. They spend several million dollars to complete some projects every year.

They can't even produce some products themselves. Considering that our products in shenzhen are cheap, fine and of high quality, they always give us some orders to do. They are our good strategic partners.

This company is based in the United States, and it has a lot of advanced technology, and we happen to have technicians from the United States.

So that our two companies in the technical level to achieve a high degree of fit.

While we can manufacture parts for anyone in any industry, our licenses, registrations and certifications qualify us to serve large industries and complex organizations in aerospace, medical, military, robotics, semiconductors, telecommunications, transportation, and renewable energy industries.

Our company can serve for all walks of life, make their prototype, and gradually achieve consistent recognition at home and abroad.

Tuowei-Our Good Strategic Partners - Tuowei Model

Tuowei-Our Good Strategic Partners - Tuowei Model-1

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