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Powder coating in rapid prototyping manufacturing - Tuowei Prototype

Powder coating in rapid prototyping manufacturing - Tuowei Prototype


Tuowei-Powder Coating In Rapid Prototyping Manufacturing - Tuowei Prototype, Shenzhen

Are you interested in learning about what Powder Coating can do for your rapid mockup project? How does it work? What are the benefits? At Tuowei Prototype we offer Powder Coating services for both model making projects and mass production projects. What is Powder Coating? Powder Coating, also lesser known as Powder Painting, is an industrial post-production surface finishing process that has significantly evolved making great strides in the industrial sector within the past decade. Initially intended almost exclusively for application onto metal parts for protection and beautification of metal parts, special Powder Coating processes can be used on glass, wood and other materials. It was around 1945 that an inventor named Daniel Gustin, invented powder coating, US Patent 2538562.

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Application of PC is commonly and almost exclusively used in post-production on metal parts. Although uncommon, PC can be applied onto other materials such as composites. Powder Coating is most commonly used in the industrial sector for both (Low Volume and High Volume) Mass Production Factories such as CNC Machine Shops and Sheet Metal Fabrication Facilities. The Powder Coating material is a composite mixture of fine powderized paint pigments and fine powderized plastic particles. The fine powderized plastic particles are comprised of either (thermoplastics or thermoset plastics) such as Polyester and Epoxy. When discharged through the Powder Coat Paint Gun, the particles are ionized via an electrical coil. The positively charged ions assist the powder in the coating process as it is attracted to the negatively charged part.

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At Tuowei Prototype we can offer you a range of coating services. From powder coating to spray painting, we can ensure that the surface of the product will remain durable and corrosion resistant. Powder-coating is a modern technological invention. It provides a high-quality, durable finish to objects in need of a highly protective layer. It will give the surface of the metal object a visually enhanced and physically tough exterior to protect it against adverse corrosive conditions. At Tuowei Prototype, we offer a wide range of powder-coating services for automotive parts, industrial parts, medical device parts, military parts, sports equipment parts, kitchenware parts and much more.

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Powder coating is a completely dry finishing process used on a wide range of materials and products. Finely ground particles of pigment and resin are electro-statically charged and sprayed on to products to be coated. The parts are electrically ground so the charged particles adhere to the parts until heated, melted, cooled and fused into a solid coating in an oven.

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Any automotive prototype, aerospace, or industrial product benefits from the advantages of powder coating: improved appearance, exceptional toughness and durability, scratch-resistant, high quality, colorful, versatile, and long lasting. In addition to a wide range of colors and textures, an almost infinite range of properties can be built into the finish. Examples include resistance of ultra-violet rays, enhanced durability, and better corrosion resistance. Unlike liquid paint, no solvents are used, so only minimal amounts of VOC´s, if any, are released into the air. With a proper exhaust system, the powder coating process is environmentally friendly and virtually pollution-free. Powder coating is one of the most environmentally friendly coatings available on the market because of the absolute lack of solvents. If you are applying powder coat yourself, a respirator is required for personal protective equipment.

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Contact us at Tuowei Prototype for inquiries about Powder Coating for your next project. In addition to Powder Coating, we offer other finishing services such as: 2K Polyurethane Painting, UV Painting, High Temperature Epoxy Painting, Anodizing, Passivation and Chrome Plating, Silk Screening and Pad Printing, as well as Laser Etching. Our team of experts can assist you in selecting the appropriate process for your project.

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