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Processing method of rapid prototype

Processing method of rapid prototype


The sheet prototype is divided into two kinds according to the processing methods: SLA/SLS and CNC processing, each of which has its own special processing materials.

The laser rapid prototyping is divided into two kinds of raw materials: SLA and SLS.

SLA is a kind of technology using three-dimensional carving principle, also known as selective photosensitive resin curing, is a kind of rapid prototyping technology first appeared. The process is: in the resin tank filled with liquid photosensitive resin, the laser in the UV beam irradiation will fast curing. The molding process begins when the working table lifting in the next section the liquid layer height, the laser beam after focusing, under the control of the computer, in accordance with the requirements of section contour, scanning along the surface, the scanned resin curing area, so as to obtain the resin sheet profiles. Then, the table down a layer of sheet height, resin is a sheet that has solidified layer The new liquid resin is covered to make second layers of laser scanning curing. The new solidified layer is glued to the previous layer, so repeat until the whole product is finished. Finally, it is cleaned, supported, solidified two times, and the surface is polished.


The photosensitive resin selective curing rapid prototyping technology is suitable for making small and medium-sized work pieces, and can directly get products of resins or similar engineering plastics. The surface quality of SLA rapid prototyping is better, the system resolution is high, and the molding accuracy is high.

The processing method of SLS and SLA are similar, but using powder material to replace the liquid photo polymer, and scanning speed and energy function in powder material. In the process of forming, laser parameters and powder characteristics and sintering atmosphere is an important factor in the quality of sintering. SLS rapid prototyping can produce the most hard board moreover, we can use a variety of materials, such as plastic, with most engineering wax, metal, ceramic, parts of the construction of high speed, no need for parts after correction, without the need for the design and construction of support.

CNC is widely used in the mechanical processing industry and is relatively mature in technology. For prototype processing, the effect and precision are also very good. 

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