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Qingdao prototype factory-Reasonable cost

by:Tuowei     2019-09-25
2019-05- At 10: 33

recently, a Mr. Chen from Qingdao searched online'Qingdao prototype factory' After finding the extension model, he was going to participate in this exhibition, so the requirements for the prototype were very strict. Although Mr. Chen is a little far away from the Tuowei model, Mr. Chen decided to come over to see the factory, which shows that Mr. Chen attaches great importance to this product.

Mr. Chen came to the extension model two days later, the salesman gave the customer a detailed introduction to the relevant information of the extension model of Qingdao prototype factory, and said the accuracy of cnc machining here, and the cost is relatively reasonable. Then the salesman signed a confidential agreement with Mr. Chen, and Mr. Chen quickly handed over the drawings to the salesman. After the salesman and the engineer discussed together, they began to customize the processing plan. After that, the customer was very happy to make the advance payment first.

after receiving the deposit, the production department of Tuwei model of Qingdao prototype factory immediately carried out production and made the prototype within 5 days. Soon after, they took advantage of the prototype to participate in the exhibition and got good feedback.

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