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Queechy dominates at national F1 in Schools competition

by:Tuowei     2019-09-09
The school\'s Queechy High School F1 team \"gold diversity\" will represent Australia in the world finals in Malaysia, becoming the first ever
The women\'s senior team took the gold medal home in the national competition.
Ofxa0On Friday, excited students returned to Launceston with 10 major awards from three teams --xa0Gold diversity, instant transfer and passionate technical racing.
Instant messaging is in third place, which means that the state of Tasmania, more specifically Queechy, dominates the event.
A few months after designing, testing and manufacturing a miniature F1 car, the national race was held in Adelaide.
Students use complex 3D CAD engineering software, virtual aerodynamics software, desktop wind tunnel, industry-
Standard 3D printers and manufacturing equipment for creating models.
In addition to taking the lead in the podium, Golden Diversity has won the best engineering design and the best manufacturing cars.
They beat Australia\'s 26 best teams and won the World Finals in Kuala Lumpur later this year.
Real-time transmission is ranked third overall, with the fastest lap being 1 lap.
20 seconds behind 027-metre computer-
Timing track.
Zeal Tech Racing won two awards and was shortlisted in the knockout.
\"Over the next six months, we will work very hard and then take part in the world finals in Malaysia,\" said Yarra alcaari, manager of the gold diversity team.
\"In school time, after school, during the holidays, we are at school every day.
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