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Reaction Injection Moulding

Reaction Injection Moulding


The two-component polyurethane materials are mixed and injected into the rapid mold at room temperature and low pressure. The products are formed by chemical and physical processes such as polymerization cross linking curing and so on. It has high efficiency and short production cycle. The process is simple and the cost is low. It is suitable for the small batch trial production in the product development process, as well as the production of large thick wall and uneven wall thickness products with simple structure and small batch production.

Applicable mould: ABS mold (more than 100 pieces); resin mold (more than 300 pieces); aluminum alloy mold (more than 1000 pieces).

Castable materials: materials used in two component polyurethane PU.: HD-PU4210, DCP-RIM, AXSON-RIM 875.

Physical properties: PP/ABS. similar products with aging resistance, strong impact resistance, high degree of agreement, features easy to disassembly.

Injection pressure: around 10MPa. Flow control: 600g/s.

General working hours: 15-30 minutes / pieces, the demouldingtemperature can be controlled below 40 centigrade, and the performance of the parts at 80 degrees centigrade for 2-4 hours is the best.

Standard replication accuracy: + 0.20mm/100mm.

Casting sample thickness: the optimum pouring thickness is 4 ~ 6 mm and the maximum pouring thickness is 30 mm.

Maximum casting work: 2000mmX1200mmX1000mm, 20KG.The two components of the art solution at a certain temperature are usually stored in the 2 storage device, storage device for pressure vessel. In molding, usually liquid at low pressure of 0.2~0.3 MPa, in the storage, circulation does not stop heat exchanger and the mixing head. Of polyurethane, the original the liquid temperature of 20~40 DEG C, the temperature control precision is + 1 degrees centigrade.

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