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s.africa medics use 3d printer for middle ear transplant

by:Tuowei     2019-09-06
South African surgeons have successfully completed the world\'s first-
According to a research university, the ears and bones of the 3D printing component are used.
In a statement issued on March 14 by the University of Pretoria, the technology \"may be the answer to conductive hearing loss-caused by congenital birth defects, infections, trauma, or metabolic diseases
The surgery replaced the hammer, hammer, and horse stirrup in a similar way-the smallest bone in the body that makes up the middle ear
Formed titanium sheet produced on 3D printer.
\"3D technology allows us to do things that we never thought we could do,\" said Mashudu tshiffareo, a professor at the University of Pretoria\'s health school . \".
Tshifareo Wednesday at 35-year-
Old man at Steve Biko Academic Hospital in Pretoria.
In a car accident, the patient\'s middle ear was shattered.
\"Replace only the small bones (bones)
If the function is not normal, this operation is much less risky than the known prosthesis (implants)
And related surgical procedures . \"
Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi promised to \"help and mobilize resources as much as we can. . . for this far-
Innovation \".
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