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\'s Big Kiss Surprise...And 3D Printing!

by:Tuowei     2019-08-23
The Good Wife accepted 3D printing, something I would never understand and sealed it with a big kiss.
But if you look at the promo, your kiss has been destroyed. Thanks, CBS.
The box at hand: a man printed a gun with a 3D printer, it went on fire and shot a bystander at the shooting range.
Matthew Goodall-Finn Polmarhe\'s back! —
The hijacking of Florrick/Agos and Lockhart and Diane in the case.
Let\'s face it: This episode is almost a fill set.
Last week was so big that all the symbolism and Alicia\'s introspection, so it\'s definitely slower than normal.
But many aspects of the episode are pleasant, mainly the return of many fans
The most popular characters are Nancy Crozer (Mamie Gummer), Kurt McVey (Gary Cole) and Judge Abernathy (Dennis O\'Hare ).
They were all involved in the case.
It\'s interesting to see Finn\'s deal with Nancy.
Although I still like Alicia\'s interaction with her.
See Kurt interact with Diane in the stands and get out of courtTHAT CAR SCENE! —
It is a popular distraction from the campaign.
And Diane\'s bird brooch. Amazing.
So Alicia is completely lying about her PAC and Lemmon Bishop\'s involvement.
It can\'t be done either at the end of the campaign, Prady (David Hyde Pierce) is chasing Peter (Chris North) and trying to kill Alicia.
So Alicia (Juliana magolis) also had to compete with Peter.
Of course, the situation in Eli (Alan Cumming) is not very good.
He threatened to take Johnny\'s new work away if Alicia did not give up.
But thanks to the inspiring conversation of Marissa (Sarah Steele), he won\'t be able to hold back so easily.
At last he went after the big fish: Alicia.
The episode ended with their kiss. Surprise!
In the early days of the episode, David Lee (Zach glennier) and Louis Cunningham (Michael J. Cunningham)
Fox) is trying to get Alicia to donate Luiz\'s money to a Palestinian charity that might support Hamas.
Oh Prady is glad he\'s not gay, just Jesuit. Huh. Gasp count: 1.
Something else: 3D printing is still so strange: \"The technology seems to get more and more complicated, isn\'t it ? \"!
\"I want a tramp stamp.
What do you think?
\"My God, the handsome boy is too weak.
\"The Good Wife aired at nine on Sunday night. m. on CBS.
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