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Scientists could soon ‘print off new organs’ after using a 3D printer to create living tissue

by:Tuowei     2019-08-11
British scientists have learned how to print living tissue in 3D and can \"print\" human organs one day, a discovery that is \"sweeping the world of science \".
Boffins at the University of Bristol developed abio-
Links to stem cells capable of producing human tissues.
This magical material can repair the sick or damaged parts of the body, such as the knees and hips, and ultimately create important organs.
Lead researcher Dr. Adam Perryman, an expert in cell medicine, said in an interview with The Express: \"This is a very exciting development, we believe this may lead to a revolution in the treatment of diseases such as arthritis and other causes of tissue damage.
\"In terms of regenerative medicine, this method is sweeping the scientific community.
\"We believe that this work will also contribute to the development of bio-printing in this new field, which can be applied to other medical fields, including burn treatment, and even the development of organs. ”Egg-
The head of Bristol has created a complete
The size of the trachea cartilage ring was measured using a 3D printed tissue structure.
The formula has human stem cells and nutrients and molecules known as polymers that are released from 3D printers to warm printer bases (Bio-
Link becomes a solid gel containing all the ingredients to form a living tissue.
Dr Perriman said: \"design new creatures
The ink is very challenging.
\"You need a printable material that is strong enough to maintain its shape when immersed in nutrients and is harmless to cells.
\"There were a lot of attempts and errors before we cracked the final recipe.
\"The team of scientists and experts in Bristol has been able to convert stem cells into bond cells that can form cartilage.
Across the pond, American scientists are using ink.
Spray printing technology for printing skin directly on soldiers terrible burns.
The new technology involves pasting the stem cells into the printer cartridge and printing them directly to the wound of the fallen hero.
Stem cells extracted from certain parts of the body, such as bone marrow, grow so fast that in about six weeks a layer of cells is thick enough to cover the football field.
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