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Selection and maintenance of high-quality plastic prototype model

by:Tuowei     2019-09-28
2018-11- 29 17: 43

plastic prototype model is very professional and technical and equipment. How can I make a good one.

high-quality plastic prototype model is introduced by the extension model. The process of production and related precautions. First, the drawings are confirmed to be correct through 3D drawings. Make a Production List, formed by a high-precision five-axis machine. Compare the three-axis machine used by the small factory. The advantage is that it can process complex surfaces that cannot be processed by multiple three-axis machines. The efficiency is higher and higher, which is the equipment gap that the small factory can't compare.

after solving the molding, it needs to be processed manually, which is very important for the appearance effect of the plastic prototype model. This is why the price of good hand Masters is high. After all, cheap and no good goods, from polishing to coloring are all completed by masters who have worked for more than 5 years. CTO in the United States to confirm the difference between drawings and renderings. The improvement is strictly checked, and the three-dimensional precision detection is provided. Such a high-quality prototype factory welcomes everyone to visit at any time.

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