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by:Tuowei     2019-08-16
Institute of Medical graduate education, Jawaharal (Jipmer)
3D printer has been acquired for its department of plastic surgery.
Director S. C.
By handing over the first five 3D printed implants to selected patients, Parija officially put the machine into use on one function of the department.
According to Jipmer, patients currently rely on private 3D printing services made with personalized implants (
It makes them spend anywhere between 5 and 10.
Or artificial design of the implant, which was found to be inappropriate.
Jipmer acquired a 3D printer to extend the option of personalized implants to patients at cost
Effective way.
Patients have always relied on external expertise in making digital 3D models and further processing to make them compatible with 3D printers.
Doctors say the 3D printer avoids the need for plastic surgeons to rely on private units to manufacture dental implants primarily
Dinesh Kumar, head of plastic surgery.
There is also the possibility of a slight mismatch in the implant. The in-
He said that the internal facilities for 3D printing will allow for the manufacture of implants made of polypropylene ester from the scan output with higher accuracy.
The machine will be managed by staff with expertise in 3D modelingKumar added.
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