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Serving every customer well is the best marketing method for making rapid prototype

Serving every customer well is the best marketing method for making rapid prototype


Sharp LLC is a small and medium-sized enterprise that researches and develops mechanical products in the United States. Next, I would like to share with you the process of how this customer transforms from a new customer to a veteran customer who has been introducing me to the customer.

In 2015, received this customer inquiry for the first time in China time is half past ten in the evening, and then looked at the customer's inquiry, and then learned that clients need to find suppliers to give him to do this project, the first reaction is to think that customer is the best deal, as long as at the right time can quickly understand customer psychology, thought that the question from the perspective of customers, all problems are not problems, customers will certainly feel like is in a state of urgent contact suppliers, if I don't contact him, he will send an inquiry to other competitors around to inquiry, if so, The chances get smaller and smaller. So quickly respond to customer enquiries, on the one hand, can promote ali's timely response rates, on the other hand also can let the customer feel our professional heart, after all, it was half past ten in the evening, estimated that many of his peers of the foreign trade business has sleep, maybe there are some is in competition with me, but I was confident, has the determination to is bound to win.

At that time, after the call, after a brief introduction of our company, and told the customer already send an email to him, but has not received the drawings, the customer at that time, I'm sorry to say, due to his side a little bit blocking function, sometimes mail can not receive or be automatically put their garbage cans, so when your heart is a little small happy, because it means other companions mail also can have this kind of situation, so fewer competitors feel at the time, may also be only we extension model in touch with him, finally, after know the situation, The customer finally said that our company Tuowei is the only one that responds quickly and warmly and professionally, and is still working so late. He said that our company must be a reliable supplier in China.

Finally the customer placed an order and sent the full payment. We have cooperated happily for three years. In these years, the customer introduced more than five high-quality customers to Tuowei model to make the prototype. Of course, this customer has always had a friendly cooperative relationship with us, evolving from one or two small samples to dozens of sets of aluminum alloy.

Tuowei-Read Serving Every Customer Well Is The Best Marketing Method For Making

Conclusion: serving every customer well is the best marketing method, a process from quality change to quantity change. Other people do not do things you do, customer useful things you do, so you must have a harvest!

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