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Several factors that affect the quality of the prototype model during the production process (1)

by:Tuowei     2019-09-12
2013-03- 06 21: 20

several elements that affect the quality of the prototype model during the production process (1) In the production of the prototype, the experience and skills of the designer play a vital role. Confirm the rationality of the design through the test mold; The prototype can be finally completed by multiple trial and repeated modification. In production practice, once some prototypes are put into use on the production line, they often have various problems and cannot meet the production requirements or technical requirements of the products, resulting in abnormal shutdown of the production line, etc, there are many unstable factors. Therefore, how to improve the quality of the prototype has become a real problem faced by the prototype manufacturing enterprises. What is the quality of prototype and stamping forming and its influencing factors? Quality is divided into process quality and production quality. Process quality refers to the process plan that meets the quality of qualified products; Production quality refers to the production capacity with quality in the production process. Since most of the domestic prototype manufacturing enterprises are small and medium-sized enterprises, and quite a few of them still stay in the traditional workshop-style production management stage, often ignoring the quality of the prototype, the problem of long prototype development cycle and high manufacturing cost has seriously restricted the pace of enterprise development. Let's take a look at the main factors affecting the quality of prototype and stamping, namely: the use of prototype materials; Strength requirements of prototype structural parts; Quality of stamping material performance; Fluctuation properties of material thickness; Range of material changes; The resistance of tensile ribs; Change range of blank holder force; Choice of lubricant.

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