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Several factors that affect the quality of the prototype model during the production process (2)

by:Tuowei     2019-09-18
2013-03- 06 21: 20

several elements that affect the quality of the prototype model during the production process (2) It is worth noting that in the process of stamping, since each type of stamping sheet has its own chemical composition, mechanical properties and characteristic values closely related to stamping performance, the unstable performance of stamping materials, fluctuations in the thickness of stamping materials, and changes in stamping materials not only directly affect the accuracy and quality of stamping processing, but also may lead to damage to the prototype. Taking tensile reinforcement as an example, it occupies a very important position in stamping forming. In the process of Tensile forming, the forming of the product needs to have a certain size and appropriately distributed tension along the fixed perimeter. This tension comes from the force of the stamping equipment and the deformation resistance of some materials on the edge, and the flow resistance on the blank holder. However, if the flow resistance is only dependent on the role of the blank holder force, the friction between the prototype and the material is not enough. For this reason, it is also necessary to set up a tensile tendon on the blank holder ring that can produce greater resistance to increase the resistance of the feed, so that the material can produce greater plastic deformation, to meet the requirements of plastic deformation and plastic flow of materials. At the same time, by changing the size and distribution of the resistance of the tensile reinforcement, and controlling the speed and feed amount of the material flowing into the prototype, the effective adjustment of the tensile force and its distribution in each deformation area of the tensile parts is realized, so as to prevent quality problems such as cracking, wrinkle and deformation of products during Tensile forming. It can be seen from the above that in the process of formulating the stamping process and prototype design, the size of the tensile resistance must be taken into account, and the tensile reinforcement must be arranged according to the range of the change of the blank holder force and the form of the tensile reinforcement is determined, make each deformation area complete the forming according to the required deformation mode and deformation degree.

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