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Shajing plastic prototype factory-Provide you with professional Processing Solutions

by:Tuowei     2019-09-25
2018-12- At 10: 42

now plastic products are used more and more widely in various industries, so a plastic type product drawing is designed, we should find a matching plastic prototype factory. customer in front of us searched Shajing plastic prototype factory on Baidu to find the extension model and wanted to make a plastic prototype to check whether the product was reasonable.

customers have been looking for other Shajing plastic prototype factories before, however, because their processing equipment is relatively small, the accuracy of the work is not up to the requirements. Some of them have not yet been factory, and they directly want to send them to other prototype factories for production, after the business manager introduced the company's profile and strength, the customer also said that he would come to see the factory next time. Later, the customer sent the drawings to the business manager. After the accurate evaluation of tuowei's engineers and the us cto, a reasonable quotation and processing plan was given. After receiving the drawings, the customer compared their own processing plan, I think it is better on tuowei's side. I think tuowei is very professional and I will place an order immediately.

If you need to find Shajing plastic prototype factory, tuowei model is a good choice, 17 years experience in prototyping, 55 cnc equipment, precision 5-axis machine, production team of 160 people, 3- 5 days of shipment, double confidential agreement, protection of drawings will not be leaked.

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