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Shajing prototype factory-High quality is a little more expensive

by:Tuowei     2019-09-25
2018-12- There are many prototype factories in Shenzhen, such as tuowei model Technology Co. , Ltd. It will be a good choice for you. Recently, a customer consulted the Shajing prototype factory in the evening, so many pieces of information about Tuowei were taken care of by the customer. Click on the information about the size of the company.

after reading, I dialed the hotline and said that I had a precise prototype. Tuowei uses a five-axis machine for processing. This customer is precisely because he saw that the five-axis machine can process a variety of complex surfaces on the previous profile. Efficiency accuracy far more than three-axis machine. Accuracy is achieved. 0. 01mm this accuracy is far more than that of many Shajing prototype factories. Customers say they can accept the processing of the five-axis machine. Because after all, many customers feel that the accuracy can't be seen with their eyes.

However, if the accuracy of many structural boards is not enough, the whole set of equipment will be scrapped during use. These losses are due to the poor quality of prototypes made by small factories. So the customer touched the wall in a former Shajing prototype factory and realized this time. The extension model did not disappoint customers to reach a successful cooperation.

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