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Shajing prototype factory-Provide customers with high quality prototypes

by:Tuowei     2019-09-25
2018-12- 06 18: 04

prototypes can be used as physical samples, and can be used to verify the rationality of the design and reduce the risk of direct mold opening, therefore, many companies will make several samples in the prototype factory to test when developing new products. As the origin of the prototype industry, Shajing has gathered thousands of prototype factories, and its strength is beyond doubt. Among the many Shajing prototype factories, which one is the best choice?

Li Gong of Shenzhen Gongming has a prototype that needs to be done, by searching online'Shajing prototype factory' In connection with the extension model, since the prototype accuracy made by the previously cooperative supplier is not high, and the appearance processing effect is also very poor, the impulse to change suppliers is generated. After all, the prototype is used for verification.

Li Gong learned about it through the website of the extension model, it was found that there are 55 large CNC machining centers and more than 100 employees in Shajing prototype factory. I think the scale is not bad. Considering the prototype that has been made for 17 years, the quality should be done well, I gave a set of prototypes to question the stone on the side of the extension model, first look at the effect, and then decide whether to cooperate in the next step. After receiving the advance payment from Li Gong, the tuowei model was immediately produced.

Li Gong was very satisfied with this after receiving the goods, the accuracy and surface treatment effect met his requirements, and the number of cooperation between Li Gong and Shajing prototype factory began to increase gradually.

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