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Shandong prototype-Introduction of customers spontaneously

by:Tuowei     2019-09-25
2019-03- 20 11: 20

few days ago, a customer of Shandong prototype searched'Prototype of Shandong'The extension model was found. So the online inquiry was launched. The customer wanted to make a prototype of the film. After a short understanding, the contact information was then left, and 3D drawings were sent. The Project Manager provided a processing and production plan and an accurate quotation.

tuowei according to the process effect diagram and 3D given by customers of Shandong prototype the drawings were quoted, and a plan process was drawn up for customers. Because this is the first time to cooperate, the customer is still not very relieved. He came to Tuowei several times to visit the production, because the customer needs to do more complicated things and more small parts, so he took out several machines and made them for him. Seeing that the extension model is so attentive to his products, the staff is particularly serious when working, and the extension model has virtually won the trust of customers. The customer was very satisfied, so he introduced several customers he knew to cooperate with the extension model, and the extension model also obtained several orders.

although most customers do not believe that the enterprise will help him do everything with all his heart things, however, as long as we serve our customers with our own heart, we will always gain the trust of our customers. If you want to cooperate with Shandong prototype factory, let's take a look at the extension model. It provides one-stop service and serves more than 3000 enterprises, as well as professional guidance from the US technical director and extension model, which is worthy of your trust!

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