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Shandong prototype-Your high precision supplier

by:Tuowei     2019-09-25
2019-03- 15 17: 06

I am very happy to meet a customer of Shandong prototype model production today and want to find a qualified supplier to cooperate. This is a high-precision prototype of auto parts, which is required according to the description of the drawings. It is difficult to form the structure several times, but it is also difficult for professional project managers.

The project manager of the extension model has more than ten years of experience, and products from all walks of life are involved. good solution for this kind of structural complex prototype is proposed, using five-axis machining molding. Because five-axis machines accuracy higher than that of three-axis machine due to complex surface three-axis machine can't contact. The Shandong prototype customer also had concerns but agreed to cooperate.

in order to overcome this technical problem, the company's CTO in the United States held a technical meeting to discuss with colleagues in the production line. After continuous efforts and cooperation, the Shandong prototype customer's high-precision auto parts prototype. The finished production was delivered to the customer. This cooperation has finally been recognized by this customer.

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